Shadowing is a form of design research that is used to gain understanding of someone’s role or job. It allows this through the observation of the individual in their role to improve one’s general knowledge of the position and to allow them to gain insights into what is involved. This normally only lasts a couple … Continue reading shadowing.

generative research.

As part of my design methods and insight gathering module I participated in generative research exercises that my lecturer set for us as a class. As groups, we were asked to build the exterior of our dream house. At the end of the task, we had to identify as a class the three most desired … Continue reading generative research.

online identity.

To kick start our Design Methods and Insight Gathering module we received a talk from Dr Wendy Moncur about Online Identity and performance of self. This was a really interesting talk and posed some really thought-provoking questions. When does our social life start? When we are born? When we can speak? I don’t think there … Continue reading online identity.

design sprint.

During the first week back this semester, I was involved in a Design Sprint combining the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years in social digital. We had the chance to work with new people from other disciplines tacking the issue of accessibility in the DJCAD buildings. It was really beneficial to be working with people who … Continue reading design sprint.

picture, symbol, icon submission.

Magazine Article Blog Posts development final GIF Blog Posts Dashboard Blog Posts development final Continue reading picture, symbol, icon submission.