Storyboarding is a visual representation of the narrative of an event. They include a mixture of word and image to tell a timeline of events or ideas from start to finish. Annotations are included to reflect thinking or provide more information about what is being depicted in the imagery. This is the storyboard that I … Continue reading storyboarding.

directed storytelling.

This week we learnt about directed storytelling in our Design Methods for Insight Gathering module. Directed storytelling is used to gain the true essence of a persons experience rather than an accurate documentation of what exactly happened. This is a form of qualitative research. The researcher begins with a prompt question followed by probing questions to … Continue reading directed storytelling.


Shadowing is a form of design research that is used to gain understanding of someone’s role or job. It allows this through the observation of the individual in their role to improve one’s general knowledge of the position and to allow them to gain insights into what is involved. This normally only lasts a couple … Continue reading shadowing.

generative research.

As part of my design methods and insight gathering module I participated in generative research exercises that my lecturer set for us as a class. As groups, we were asked to build the exterior of our dream house. At the end of the task, we had to identify as a class the three most desired … Continue reading generative research.