Following the theme of identity, we were asked to design urban signage that was focussed on reclaiming public spaces through the encouragement of redefining acceptable public behaviour. This felt like it would be a difficult task but after having gone through the preceding stages of development in the Picture, Symbol, Icon module, I have learnt … Continue reading signage.


Week two of our ‘ways of seeing’ module saw us receiving a brief detailing a pressure project based around student funding at the University. In our reading groups, we were asked to come up with a protest campaign fighting for more information around what funding is available to international students who come to study here. … Continue reading money.

translating form.

So this week we got an interesting brief. For our ‘ways of making’ module, in our teams, we have been asked to deconstruct the shape and form of a pushchair and create a one to one model in cardboard. It took my group a little while to work out where on earth we should begin. … Continue reading translating form.

less is more.

Continuing on from my exploration of the relationship between word and image, I’ve been developing minimalist poster ideas relating to well known phrases that out of context, don’t really make sense. I’ve been finding this module difficult as I struggle to not take things too literally. Being a minimalist poster exercise, trying to come up … Continue reading less is more.

my identity.

In introduction to my third and final module for this semester, which still comes under the umbrella theme of identity as with my other two modules, we were asked to consider our own identities. This time we had to come up with a casing design for a radio chip which will track our class attendance … Continue reading my identity.